Cost of Facebook custom audiences VS Facebook targeting

by user2331566   Last Updated October 10, 2019 17:04 PM

Recently I worked with a marketing team handling FB campaigns. The campaign manager told me that users have the same value regardless of what targeting you use. So, if I target users who like 'skiing' it would cost the same to advertise to that person regardless of the keyword targeting.

This runs counter to by instinctual sense of 'auctions', also it's been a few years since I worked in this field. Do facebook put a price on users and charge that regardless of targeting?

Secondly, we have a list of users we want to create a 'custom audience' on facebook. Is it cheaper to use our private intelligence and target them internally with our own data first, then push it over to facebook as untargeted campaign? For example, if I wanted to target to affluent Mom's, and I have this affluent Mom's data in my database, should I create that user list and push over a 'custom audience'. Or should I push over the same audience and target with Facebook targeting and it would cost the same?

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