Create a way for a layperson to query the data model in Excel

by John Doe   Last Updated October 10, 2019 19:01 PM

I have an Excel spreadsheet that is connected to an Access database through the Data Model. I have a Pivot Chart based on the data in said database.

The Pivot Chart is great for looking at subsets of data, but it's very manual and it's unable to create certain types of charts. I could organize the data and copy it out, but that sounds like something my users will not be that willing to do.

What I'm looking for:

1) A way to query the data (possibly that is separate from the Pivot Chart)

2) A way to make the results of that query static (perhaps by an extra step that saves a copy of the results somewhere else, or something)

3) A way to make creating a chart based on those results more automatic

4) A form or wizard that would allow the user to do all of this.

I imagine that this will involved some VBA, but I don't know which native features of Excel I can exploit to simplify this process.

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