Creating a site with customised front-ends

by Raj Chahal   Last Updated October 10, 2019 14:04 PM

I want to create a main website say, which has the main functionality such as admin panels, db's etc.

Then I want to offer clients a customisation front-end (change of css and logo) so it works seamlessly with their business and in addition the site address can be a sub-domain or a different url altogether. i.e or

The front-ends and main site need to share the same database so that they are synced. The front-ends would only surface data that is relative to the individual client and would need to perform CRUD operation on the database.

How can this be achieved, can it be done through a single site or will a front-end need to be deployed for every client?

Is there a specific language that would be better for this type of requirement?


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