Downloading entire archive of past messages of a Yahoo Group

by einpoklum   Last Updated October 16, 2019 21:03 PM

I am an owner of a now-defunct Yahoo Group. Apparently, it's been announced that

Yahoo Groups is to remove all content December 14 2019

and I would like to save the archive of messages to that group. For posterity, or maybe for vanity, never mind.

Now, on the group page, I do have access to the message archive, by month, and then by message title. But what I want is to get all messages, at once. I'm not very picky about the exact format (e.g. separate files, one file per month, one single file), as long as there's no junk in it (ads, loads and loads of Yahoo boilerplate HTML).

Is there a way - other than crawling all the message pages myself - to download all those messages?

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