Flash Synch Time Physical Determination

by Kinka-Byo   Last Updated October 06, 2019 08:18 AM

My question is about Flash Synchronization Time. We know that it represents the shortest time we can use with active flash in order to avoid the formation of a black stripe in our photos. So, it is very good if it is quiet brief. For instance, in my Zenit 122 camera, it is 1/30s and it is very difficult to take free-hand pictures that are not blurred. In my Nikon d3500 it is 1/200s that is much more manageable.

Now my question is: it is good that this time, for a certain camera, is the least possible. But how can camera manifacturers reduce it? Intuitively, I think that there is a limit due to the fact that it is unavoidable that when a shutter curtain is ending, the other one has already started. And I do not understand how different cameras can have different synch times, since the mechanism behind it is the same for all.

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