Flax Seed and Rye Bread Machine Recipe

by Greeso   Last Updated January 26, 2017 14:07 PM

I am in search of a bread machine recipe for a bread that would only contain ground flax seed and rye flour as its main ingredients. I am OK with adding gluten, salt, yeast, water and other secondary ingredients; but I would like to do away with white flour and whole wheat flour.

I searched the internet for long but could not find any. Can you make suggestions please?



I think this question fits this site perfectly. Why you may ask? Well here are the reasons

  • I am in search of a recipe that works with bread machine, and not the traditional way of making bread.
  • There isn't any recipe that uses the ingredients that I requested that is available for bread machine (i.e., ground flax seed, and rye flour)
  • I am not in search for the tastiest recipe or requesting an opinion of which recipe is better. I am in search of just a recipe. I am not even sure it is possible to make bread using a bread machine using the ingredients I requested


I already found recipes on the net that use the ingredients above, however those are not bread machine recipes and take a long process to make. Again, my request is to see if it is possible to do a flax seed and rye bread using a bread machine, and if so, how.

Another note

The fact I requested the use of gluten is to help the dough rise. I am talking about one or two table spoons of gluten (depending on the recipe), however I do not want to use large amounts of white or whole wheat flour. I did not ask for gluten free.

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