Google adwords app install campaign: UTM parameter tracking

by shubhamagrawal12   Last Updated June 27, 2018 11:04 AM

I am running an Universal app install campaign through google adwords.

In ads setting, I couldn't find a manual URL option as it directly associates your app install campaign to the app listed in google playstore. I want to track the UTM parameter through URL to track the source campaign for my app installs in a 3rd party software.

I believe GA uses firebase SDK to be included with the app. But we already have the mixpanel sdk integrated in out app to track the camapigns through mixpanel.

Also, If a user uses any other ad campaign (say, custom campaign on face book), the user would be charged for each click (or, impressions) or landing page visit rather than for every app install. Also, facebook dis-approves such ads (custom built, which leads to app install) and asks to use the app install campaign.

I have posted the same question on stackoverflow and was suggested to post it on this community.

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