gtx1650 unsuable for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

by Sungjin   Last Updated September 04, 2019 19:02 PM

Graphic driver of Nvidia's brand new model gtx 1650 ppa driver is unusable. The only driver I can find through the system is nvidia 430.26 binary and it is crashing with system files. Whenever I install my graphic driver, I cannot boot the computer up it says low graphics mode or repeating log in screen. It seems like ppa has updates which is 430.40 but the Ubuntu system cannot recognize the version. The only thing I can find in software updates are binary drivers(which I think is the problem). I have tried all methods from ppa download to directly running the .run files from nvidia homepage, but nothing worked. In the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS it was working fine, but in 16.04 LTS it won't work. I guess all the gtx1650 Ubuntu 16.04 users are having the same error as you can see in the link below.

Please refer to it in the link below. It is not me that made this question, but having the same issue.

There were temporary solutions

cd /usr/lib/nvidia-430 sudo rm sudo ln -s

which helped in booting, but the system is consistently giving error messages and crashing with packages such as realsense-ros. Also, whenever I turn my laptop on, it always sends an error message about root files.

Help! thank you

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