Help recovering BitPay wallet

by Ryan Dentamaro   Last Updated October 17, 2019 06:27 AM

I had money sent to my wallet and couldn’t remember my encrypt password. I had my 12 word recovery phrase written down but it’s abbreviated. I deleted my wallet which I shouldn’t have done because I’m sure I would have figured out the encrypt password by now and I’m going crazy with this recovery phrase. The way I store is 6 rows 2 words per row. 1st problem is I don’t know the order, it could go: left right left right... left right right left.... right left right...right left left right. 6 of the words I’m 100%. 4 words have 3 possible options. 1 has 2 options and the last could be a number of things. I have the address that I had the money sent to (probably doesn’t help). I know the name of the wallet (sure that doesn’t mean shit) At this point I’m sure if I just knew the first and last word(the order) I’d figure it out. I’d pay someone if I wasn’t certain they would take it plus how would they figure it out. I’ve seen people that charge 10% but why wouldn’t they take it all? What can I do?

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