How do I add a contact from the Windows 10 Mail App?

by Andrew Redd   Last Updated October 10, 2019 20:01 PM

I really like the clean interface of the Windows 10 Mail app but one serious flaw is that I can't add contacts or get to contact info for the sender or anyone on the email. A post indicated that there should be an "open contact" link on the contact info that comes up when clicked. It doesn't.

Example of missing contact

It show the information but does not show the open contact link. This might be due to the mail being from a University Outlook server not, but the same is true for mail from my gmail account.

My main question is:

Is there a way to add contacts from a received mail to my address book from the Windows 10 Mail app that will work in this situation?

Some auxiliary questions that might be informative for myself and other readers are:

  • Was this a regression in functionality from a previous version of the Mail app?
  • Is there a setting to change somewhere to make the 'open contact' link appear?
  • Is the 'open contact' link not appearing because this is an outlook account?

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