How to automatically obtain keys in Evolution for e-mail recipients? (key discovery)

by user5534993   Last Updated October 10, 2019 20:01 PM

I am using the PIM Evolution 3.22.6 for e-mail and contacts. For encrypting e-mails gpg (GnuPG 2.1.18) is used by Evolution.

How can I configure my system such as when I compose an e-mail the PGP key for the recipients are automatically retrieved from key servers and added to my keyring?

For example when I try to send an e-mail to a recipient, which is not in my keyring I get the following error message: gpg: <[email protected]>: skipped: No public key

In case I run - outside of Evolution - gpg --search-keys [email protected] a key is successfully found. Is there any way to tell Evolution to deal with the search?

Tags : email pgp gnupg

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