How to test multiple Sitemap.xml file?

by Inducto   Last Updated August 28, 2019 17:04 PM

Is there a way to test multiple sitemap.xml file? Validation works fine, Google is accepting all sub files, but "Server response check" in Yandex is returning "Document contains no text".

By the crawl rate and overall indexation progress I get the impression that both search engines fail to read content from the sitemap files. Both because there is a large amount of "Discovered – currently not indexed" = 2/3 of all content, they have never been crawled and because of low ration indexation in Yandex.

This website includes about 750.000 links in sitemap files. When I generate 50.000 links per file (about 11mb), crawling graph goes high and then drops. When it's 10.000 links per file, graph falls much faster and stays on about same level further on.

We did various checks and technically all seems right, but looking at performance it's quite doubtful. Robots.txt gives full access. robots meta tags also.

  • Can anyone suggest a way to check why "Server response check" would return an error when the file is there?
  • Is there a way to test if the whole system of sitemap files really works - meaning actually does being read properly by the search engines?
  • Can this issue be related to settings set in .htaccess file?

Please see screenshots below. Sitemap file location:

Thanks in advance

enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here enter image description here

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