HTML sitemap Question: How many links maximum can we have?

by Suresh Kumar G   Last Updated September 20, 2019 09:04 AM

In the XML sitemap, there is a limit of 50,000 per xml sitemap.

Just wondering, is there any limit of links to be present on the HTML based sitemap?

If I have more than 100k pages or posts, Should I used them as pagination setup way for HTML sitemaps?

PS: XML sitemap is different from HTML based sitemap.

Thanks in advance Suresh

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Answers 1

It can have any amount of links, limitless, open end. But i very doubt, whether even the tenth link in it would be visited by Googlebot. You can monitor it with GA and/or your log files.

Google, just as any human, doesn't like link lists. They are simply not interesting - not relevant to something. Thats why HTML sitemaps are better to omit.

September 20, 2019 09:32 AM

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