Is it possible to create a VM from the disk(s) of a failed physical machine?

by Jack   Last Updated October 10, 2019 16:00 PM

I have an old machine which has failed, looks to be a motherboard fault, but as far as I know the disks, a pair of 120 gig SATA drives using software RAID, are OK. So the machine can't be booted but its OS and data are believed to be intact on the disks.

Is there any simple way to create a VM, in VMware or XenServer, from just the disks? I am assuming both disks will be identical copies of each other so either can be used as a source, and I can easily mount one or both to a different machine. I have access to multiple hypervisors that a virtual version can run on. Were the machine running I'd just use the VMware Standalone Converter but that isn't possible with a dead box.

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