Kind, corteous, inclusive, intolerant of bigotry, racism, etc. Fine, I agree. Now what about my feelings as a mod?

by anongoodnurse   Last Updated October 10, 2019 18:24 PM

Some background for those who don't know me: I have been involved in SE for more than 5 years and have been a moderator (activity now suspended) on Parenting for several of them. My background is medicine (physician) and Molecular Biology, and for the most part, people other than myself have handled all things (not-medicine-related) technical, allowing me to stay in my cocoon of technophobia and near-tech-illiteracy. I'm embarrassed, but it is what it is.

So I admit to not having been involved on this particular site until Monica was fired. I've been following events as closely as I can since.

I have no problems with gender-neutral pronouns and write using the singular they/them when the subject is unknown or when generally speaking. I'm on board with the new CoC so far. Whatever (within reason) is going to make the world a better place is pretty much fine with me.

Now my question (remember, I have no idea how this stuff works). How can this happen?

SE (the company) wants money. SE TPTB want me to be nice and inclusive, and reject bigotry, racism, etc. But how is SE (whatever) going to be nice to me? In what respect is it nice for me to be subjected to an ad objectifying women at a place where I volunteer my services (on The Workplace, no less, as if sexual harassment in the workplace were not rampant enough?)*

How does SE select/accept advertisers? What is SE doing to protect moderators from various ads which they may find offensive?

How does this kind of advertising fit with a "professional" site?

And yes, as a female physician, and before that a female researcher, I have had unbelievable experiences with this. Some would make C.K. Louis blush.

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