Nothing will clear chrome's cache on android

by mlandr   Last Updated September 11, 2019 05:11 AM

I'm editing the mobile version of my website and I can't get the site to update on my phone. I have tried:

  • Clearing the cache normally
  • Going in incognito mode
  • Requesting the desktop site
  • Pressing (i) and clearing site settings
  • Putting javascript:location.reload(true) in the address bar
  • Force stopping chrome and clearing the cache in android settings

On my desktop, ctrl+f5 does the trick, and the site reloads. One extremely strange note I'll add to the mystery is that when I went on the website for the first time on desktop FireFox, the old site was displayed until I ctrl+F5ed it. This happened even though I have never visited my site on FireFox. ALso, when I navigate to my css file, it shows the updated text on android even though it wont show in the design.

Update: Requesting the desktop site reloads the proper page on mobile firefox, must be a chrome issue

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