Rails - Precompile large video asset fails

by ElliotM   Last Updated September 11, 2019 17:26 PM

I've got a large ~3.5GB video asset I want in the asset pipeline. When I run precompile assets I continually get

I, [2019-09-11T12:11:00.579864 #38168]  INFO -- : Writing /app/assets/video- 
rails aborted!
Errno::EINVAL: Invalid argument @ io_fread - /app/assets/video.mp4

I have the assets.path appended to consume this assets folder and assets enabled in the application layer

config.assets.enabled = true
config.assets.paths << "#{Rails.root}/app/assets/videos"

I suspected it had something to do with the size and it turns out that smaller <1GB video files work fine

What am I missing about the asset pipeline that doesn't allow this large of file?

What are the alternatives to this problem?

Full transparency, wanting to share a family video online without sharing drive links.

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