RayCasting picture noise render method

by Vinícius Biavatti   Last Updated October 10, 2019 17:13 PM

I'm creating a RayCasting tutorial on github (click here to access it) and I'm following a lot of tutorials, implementations and other render methods in the web. One game made with it is the "Prelude of the Chambered" by Markus Persson. He made this game in 2 days with native programming.

My question is about the noise picture effect he used for rendering. I wanted to know how to do this, and if this has some render name. Check the image bellow and you will know what I'm speaking about:

enter image description here

If you check some render position you will find some noise pixels. What is the method to do this? This techique has some name?

enter image description here

Thanks a lot for help!

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