User cards are no longer showing reputation or badges across the network

by ankii   Last Updated October 10, 2019 14:24 PM

I cannot see reputation of any questioner or answerer on their user cards, but editors' rep & badges are still shown.

Questions tab with any filter(new, active) is unaffected.

Mobile sites are unaffected.

It appears to be a network-wide issue.

questioner's name without rep

editor and poster

New contributor banner expands.

new contributor

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No, I can't. This is because a span with class d-none, which effectively hides the reputation, etc.

<span class="d-none" itemprop="name">ankii
    <div class="-flair">
        <span class="reputation-score" title="reputation score " dir="ltr">222</span><span title="1 gold badge" aria-hidden="true"><span class="badge1"></span><span class="badgecount">1</span></span><span class="v-visible-sr">1 gold badge</span><span title="2 silver badges" aria-hidden="true"><span class="badge2"></span><span class="badgecount">2</span></span><span class="v-visible-sr">2 silver badges</span><span title="12 bronze badges" aria-hidden="true"><span class="badge3"></span><span class="badgecount">12</span></span><span class="v-visible-sr">12 bronze badges</span>

It is all there, just hidden. Removing the class reinstates the card.

I do hope this isn't because of some Tweet again. Possibly some A/B testing stuff that got from Dev to Prod.

TamperMonkey Userscript to fix this

// ==UserScript==
// @name         Fix that reputation
// @namespace
// @include        /^https?:\/\/([^/.]+\.)*(||||||\/(?:q(uestions)?\/\d+)/
// @exclude        *://*
// @exclude        *://*
// @exclude        *://chat.**
// @exclude        *://api.**
// @exclude        *://*
// @grant        none
// ==/UserScript==

(function() {
    'use strict';

    var userCards = $('div.user-details span.d-none div');

        var parent = $(this).parent().parent();
        var element = $(this).detach();
Patrick Hofman
Patrick Hofman
October 10, 2019 13:49 PM

This is a terrible change.

Please put back reputation and badge counts!

Explanation: Reputation and badges acknowledge contributions valued by the community. They provide useful quality signals and were one of the innovations that allowed Stack Overflow to rise above past online Q/A and expertise site failures. Removing them, or making them any less prominent, would be a terrible mistake.

October 10, 2019 14:12 PM

To complete @Patrick Hofman's answer, you can also enable back the reputation by adding this line to CSS customizers such as Stylus or Stylish

div.user-details .d-none  {
    display:block !important;
Maxime B.
Maxime B.
October 10, 2019 14:17 PM

FYI the rep and badges is a bug. There is a fix incoming. – Taryn♦ 4 mins ago

source: Let us opt-out of UI experiments on MSO

Edit: So you can see my rep now..

October 10, 2019 14:19 PM

You can always fix that by adding reputation to your useername, such as:

aaaa, 13245 points

October 10, 2019 14:20 PM

No need for user scripts, this was an unintentional slip-up. We were fixing some Google crawler errors for deleted user cards on questions/answers and a set of brackets got missed in the code path that renders attributes. That meant that this:

RenderSchema ? @"<span class=""d-none"" itemprop=""name"">" + UserToShow?.ToString() ?? name + "</span>" : ""

Ignored everything after the null coalesce operator (??) and the missing </span> consumed the rep div. We changed it to:

RenderSchema ? @"<span class=""d-none"" itemprop=""name"">" + (UserToShow?.ToString() ?? name.ToHtmlString()) + "</span>" : ""

I'm afraid this was missed during review and I only tested the deleted user case because I'm silly. Apologies for the inconvenience!

Builds are rolling out now.

Dean Ward
Dean Ward
October 10, 2019 14:20 PM

This is a bug

Don't fret.

Taryn has confirmed it, saying a fix is coming soon.

October 10, 2019 14:21 PM

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