webauthn: how can I link my phone to my computer browser

by John   Last Updated September 11, 2019 17:26 PM

The web authn standard is coming and it works great on my phone.

However when trying on my browser on computer I get

device incompatible

I would assume we should somehow be able to link our phone with the browser so the phone gets prompted... How can we do this?

A cool and well crafted demo: https://webauthn.me/

edit sep 2019: I also like https://webauthn.io/

Answers 1

Portability is not part of the standard according to the people who created it. I guess it's gonna be useless without being able to use it on different devices. So your out of luck right now.

Christopher Kempton
Christopher Kempton
March 05, 2019 05:07 AM

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