What charging adapter to use in order to charge power bank faster?

by DiaUser   Last Updated September 10, 2019 17:11 PM

I have a Xiaomi Mi Power Bank 2C (PLM06ZM) and I was wondering, what wall charging adapter to use for faster charging of this power bank. I use this power bank on my redmi note 4 phone and used to charge it with my phone's power adapter.

Specs say that it charges within 10 hours on 5V/2A adapter, and it charges in 6.7 hours on a 9V/2A adapter.

I want it to charge at the faster 9V/2A, So what 9V/2A adapter should I buy? Do USB 2.0 cables work or do I have to use USB 3.0 for 9V/2A?

I am considering getting this charging adapter HW-059200EHQ and the website does say that it charges at 9V / 2A but it also says that Quick Charge functionality is only available for compatible Huawei devices, so does that mean that it won't charge the power bank at 9V/2A?

Thank you so much for Your help, I hope I posted in the right stack exchange site, this is my first time posting here.

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