What is the best way to achieve these in developing the software in c#..?

by Kristian   Last Updated October 20, 2019 00:05 AM

nt Hi this is a assessment monitoring system. where we have different stakeholder.Director of Studies, Module leader, Module team, Moderator, Programme Director, Panel, External Examiner. Director of studies : Is to set date for assessment Book meetings with lecturers Assigns staff to submit assessment Approve assessment 2. Module leader : Instruct module team to write assessment 3. Module Team Write assessment Modify assessment 4: moderator Receives assessment from module team to submit Review of assessment is correct If it’s not correct , return back to module team to rewrite assessment If correct , submit to Program director 5 program director : they just read and comment after receiving the assessment 6. Panel : (consist of Director if studies , programme director, other Staffs ) Make decision on assessment If the assessment need major changes ? Goes back to Module Team to edit If it goes well ... Proceed to 7. External examiner Then publish course work

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