Which of these cameras are better for product photography?

by hayk.attikus   Last Updated October 06, 2019 09:18 AM

My sister in law has an online store which she sells her handmade bracelets in there. Currently she is using her Android phone's camera for photography but she asked me to look for a real camera for sharper and better images.

As both of us have never experienced in digital cameras and she can't put a lot of time for learning, and also her budget is limited, I came across 5 different products for her:

  • Used Sony DSC-H400 (63x zoom)
  • Used Canon 550D (18-55 lens)
  • Used Canon 1200D (18-55, 30-75 and 35-70 lenses)
  • Used Nikon B700 (60x zoom)
  • New Canon 4000D (18-55 DC III or maybe even 18-55 IS II lens)

So, as her main goal is product photography, and she is also interested in outdoor photography, which one should she choose?

Also, is there any source to compare photos of each camera online? where can we find sample photos of each camera?


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