Why does size of circle object drawn in Google Maps increase when moving it away from Equator

by Maurice   Last Updated October 19, 2019 21:22 PM

I'm building a web app that allows the user to search the database based on his Google Maps location and a customizable search area around the location. I've noticed that when I keep the radius of the circle constant (500 miles) the circle is a lot smaller when I place it near the equator then when I place its center in Finland. At first I thought this was caused by a coding error but upon inspection I could find none. Now my second guess is that this sudden change is perhaps caused by the curvature of the Earth. The more the latitude value moves away from 0 (the equator) the larger the circle becomes.

What causes my circle to enlarge when I move my position to one of the poles and how can I prevent the circle from increasing?

With what constant do I need to correct the radius input after each Google Maps position change?

500 mile blue circle near the Equator

enter image description here

500 mile blue circle in Finland which is rendered a lot larger

enter image description here

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