Wire smokes on non-dedicated circuit, want to add a light for safety. How?

by Catherine   Last Updated October 19, 2019 23:21 PM

The smokes are currently wired to each other (2 wire) on a dedicated circuit. We want to add something that gets used often, so that we'll notice if the circuit has tripped.

We would like this something to be a light that is one a three-way switch. I am guessing this is not possible if the light is closest to the source, because when the light's off the smokes won't get power. But what if the light is at the very end of the circuit? Would this work ok?

If a light on a three-way switch is not possible, can we do a light on a one-way switch, and just ignore the red wire when we go to wire that bit, ie run the red through but don't connect it to anything. Thx

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Adding anything is against code in most jurisdictions. They want wired smoke detectors to be certain of working.

Good wired detectors still have a battery and they chirp annoyingly when they are without power. And will do so for weeks.

If you are willing to violate code, I would suggest adding a junction box adjacent to each detector right there in the ceiling, put an outlet there, and plug in an LED nightlight. This also gives some light for moving about the house at night.

Sherwood Botsford
Sherwood Botsford
October 19, 2019 22:56 PM

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